DV Divorce and Change of Status of Residence

I am a woman with a _________________ nationality.  Some of my friends divorced their Japanese husbands because of Domestic Violence (DV).  After divorce, since all of them have long term visa they raise their Japanese children here in Japan.  I, myself am thinking of divorcing my husband because of DV but I do not have a Japanese child. After I divorced my husband, is it possible to change my status of residence to that of a long term ?  I have lived here for 7 years now but my status of residence is still "Spouse of Japanese".  Now, I have 3 years visa as "Spouse of Japanese".  I have been working at a Factory which prepares "obento" for 3 years now, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day and earn about \180,000 a month.

There are many foreign women who after divorcing their Japanese husbands, get the custody of their Japanese children and in order to raise their children get long term visas.  This visa is needed as a guardian and to raise a Japanese child.  In the case of a foreigner who does not have a Japanese child, she will lose the "Spouse of Japanese", status of residence after divorce and only few will be able to change into long term visa.  But, this is not impossible.  It is possible for those who have stable jobs and income, pay tax properly, have created a strong foundation to live here in Japan and able to explain properly that DV is the cause of Divorce.  It would be better to consult as early as possible Group or Organizations and Lawyers that support Foreigners here in Japan.  They have enough information and have handled several cases like this before.

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