Status of Residence and DV

Q. I am a woman with _________________ Nationality. I entered Japan with Short Term Visa and because I wanted to work, I continue to live here in Japan even when my visa expired. I met my present husband and we get along well.  I got pregnant so I stopped working and we started to live together. We got married before I gave birth, and from the very start of our marriage my husband used to say "it is because of visa that you want to marry", heard this almost everyday which hurt me. When I wanted to have "Special Permission to Stay" visa being married to Japanese he will then tell me you are just after of "visa". There were many times he disrupted the processing and even the Immigration Officer was worried about my situation. When it comes to "Special Permission", my husband become sensitive, there were many times he got mad, threw things at me, hit me. My child will soon be entering an Elementary School but still he refused to cooperate with me. Until now, I am an overstay. I want to divorce my husband but I do not have "visa", can I consult about the violence (DV) I suffered from my husband ?

A. In connection with the Support for Foreign Women, we receive several consultations from foreign women who are married to Japanese whose husbands refuse to cooperate with the processing of their visas. It is very difficult for women married to Japanese to acquire or get visa without the help of their husbands. Japanese husbands can use this to control their Foreign wives. In this case, it is helpful if one start to apply "Special Permission to Stay" at the Immigration Office. Since your child is Japanese and as a Foreign mother who will raise a Japanese child, you need to ask for support being a DV victim. There is a need to go to the Immigration Office and consult, explain husband's refusal to give you "visa", which is DV and as the mother who will raise a Japanese child.

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