Sharing of Living Expenses - Domestic Violence

Q.I am a woman with a ________________ nationality.  I have been married to my Japanese husband for 15 years and we have 2 kids.  Since we lived together, he already hurt me physically many times.  At present we live separately.  I want to start processing my Divorce but I'm sure my husband will not admit that he is violent to me and the Divorce proceeding will take time because he will be against Divorce.  Now, I'm using the little savings I have and working to make a living.  My money is not enough to make both ends meet.  For the reason that I have little savings, I cannot apply for Livelihood Assistance.  Is there a better way to solve my problem ?

A.Since you live separately from your husband, it is possible to start Mediation at the Family Court.  Your husband has the responsibility to share your living expenses.  This is what we call us sharing of living expenses.  Living expenses when you live separately like rent and other expenses as Single Mother should be paid.  The amount will be decided basing on his income and other things should be considered. (The payment will stop once Divorce has been legally approved).  In case he refuse to pay the amount decided, all the assets under his name (savings, house and lot, etc.) will be attached or placed under distraint.  Legal proceeding for the said distraint is necessary.

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