Reform Program for the Batterer Domestic Violence

I am married and with my Japanese husband we live here in Japan.  My husband is short-tempered, when he gets angry he becomes violent, he will hit me and says insulting words against me.  On the other hand, when he is in good mood, he is gentle.  When he gets mad, it is very terrible.  I am always nervous so I am careful not to make him angry.  In order to let him stop his being violent to me, yesterday I asked him to undergo Counseling.  While I was talking, he suddenly became angry and he hit me.  He asked sorry after and promised not to do it again.  He did this over and over.  I want my husband to undergo Counseling so what shall I do ?

A study on how to deal or approach DV batterers has just started and at present we  have not heard of an effective way.  If the person concerned is aware or acknowledge his actions are Domestic Violence, repent not to do it again, exert effort to reform, this approach may be effective.  However, most of the batterers are unaware of their actions.  The motivation needed to act personally, like to undergo Counseling is absent or very little at all.  How to convince these persons to undergo Counseling is the big problem.  In other countries, Police will arrest batterers, let them attend a Reform Program in order not to let them repeat the same mistake.  Unfortunately, at present in Japan there is no such kind of Reform Program for Batterers.

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