Protection Order

Q.  I am a woman with a                        nationality.  I was bitten many times by my husband and he threatened to kill me if I escape.  The City/Ward Office where I belong has a DV Consultation Section so I took the guts and courage to consult them.  The Woman Counselor explained about Protection Order (Hogo Meirei)but I did not fully understand it.  To explain Protection Order (Hogo Meirei) in a simple way, it means to let the husband leave the house within 2 months.  Is it for the safety of both the mother and the child/ren ?  I would like also to know how it differs from the Order Prohibiting Approach to the Victim (Sekkin Kinshi Meirei).

A.  The Order to Vacate (Taikyo Meirei) is one type of Protection Order (Hogo Meirei).  The aim or purpose of this Order is to give the DV victims including the child/ren the time to prepare, put things in order and to transfer to a safety place.  Another type is the Order Prohibiting Approach to the Victim ( Sekkin Kinshi Meirei) which means the prohibition in approaching the victim.  You and your children are asked to leave the house where you and your husband live and transfer to another place for safety reason.  Your husband is not allowed to get near or approach your residence, place of work, and others within 6 months.  If your child/ren is/are in danger, it is also possible to apply for an Order Prohibiting Approach to the Child/ren.  This can be applied at the Court.

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