DV victim with the status of dependent

Q. I am a woman and with my husband we have the same ________________ Nationality. My husband stayed in Japan with the Specialist in Humanities/International Services visa. I was hurt physically by my husband so I asked help from the Police and with my child we were placed under Temporary Protection. I told the Woman Counselor of my intention to continue living here in Japan but was told that it is difficult. The reason is that our visa is that of "Dependent". I am a dependent of a visa holder of "Specialist in Humanities/International Services who is living here in Japan.  At the time when I parted from my husband, I lost the "Dependent" status and I got the feeling that there is that need for me to leave this county.

The Woman Counsellor who is helping me seems not well-versed with the visa of the foreigners. If I ask help from other Groups, would I still be advised to go back home ?

A. We receive consultations from DV victims not only from those with "Spouses of Japanese" or a "Second or Third Japanese Descendants" visas but also from those with "Dependent" visa.

Even if you are holder of "Dependent" visa, for DV cases it is possible to consult and in case of Emergency you can avail the Temporary Protection. But to get the support needed for the mother-child to live here in Japan securely is very difficult. As a rule those with "Visiting Relatives" visa should remain dependent to her/his partner. Even if one receives an approval or permit from the Immigration, he/she is allowed to work a maximum of 28 hours a week. Also, with this visa it is not allowed to apply for Livelihood Assistance. Problem on the means of livelihood will arise.

For those who are given consideration to stay here in Japan temporarily until Divorce proceedings are finished, support can be extended. Please consult the Women's Group Supporters who are supporting foreigners and lawyers who are well-versed with this problem.

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