DV Non-Acceptance of Notification of Divorce

Q.  I am a woman with a ________________ nationality.  I am married to Japanese and my problems are, he does not give money for living expenses and he does not allow me to work.  I cannot buy the important things my child needs so we lead a hard life.  Whenever we have an argument, my husband always says he will submit the Divorce Paper and child custody goes to Japanese alone.  To be specific, there is no physical violence.  He throws things, threaten to hit me, more on mental and economical violence.  In the future, I plan to work full time at Nursing Home and when my income become stable, I am thinking of divorcing my husband.  What I am worried about are, when my husband gets angry he will submit the Divorce Paper and I will lose the child custody.

A.  Divorce in Japan requires consent from the couple themselves.  Both should fill up all the necessary information, affix signature and submit it to the Municipal Office.  It is very easy.  For the reason that it is easy, it is sad to know that sometimes signature at the Divorce Paper is falsified.  There is a case like this.  (False Entries in the Original of Notarized Deeds)  In order to avoid being worried about this, there is system called Non-Acceptance of Notification of Divorce.  Forms are provided at the Municipal Offices.  Important information like name, stamp/signature and legal address found at the Family Registry should be filled up.  It should be submitted to the Municipal Office where couple resides.  There is no expiration but withdrawal or cancellation is possible anytime.  A form for said withdrawal should be submitted.

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