DV Invalid Divorce

Q. I'm a woman with a ________________ Nationality.  I continue to lead my married life with my Japanese husband patiently.  I was hurt physically and mentally (Domestic Violence) many times even before.  My husband had an affair with several women few years ago, he didn't give me money for living expenses, he spent his salary solely for himself, had pleasure outside his home.  There was a time when my parent got sick so for few months I had to leave Japan and took care of my parent.  My husband was not happy with what I did.  When I returned to Japan, my husband took his things and left the house.  When I asked my son, he answered that my husband has other woman so he may be staying in her place.  I was surprised to know that he has submitted the Divorce Paper without my knowledge and he got married to a young foreign woman.  I recall that about 3 years ago, my husband forced me to fill up a Divorce Paper but I remember I was not able to finish it.  He submitted the Divorce Paper this time without consulting me, what shall I do ?  Divorce where there is no consent on my part, child custody given to my husband.

A. In case when Divorce Paper was submitted without your knowledge, even if you had signed it before, but there was no discussion or consultation on different important things like child custody, expenses for child rearing, assets, alimony and others and above all Divorce Paper was submitted even without an intention of divorcing on your part, with these reasons a petition can be filed at the Court to make your Divorce invalid.  Pls. consult at Japan Legal Support Center (HOTERASU) so you will consulte a lawyer who is well-versed with Divorce cases.  If the Divorce has become invalid, both of you become married couple again and your husband's re-marriage becomes null and void.

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