Domestic Violence

There is the Act on the Prevention of Spousal Violence and the Protection of Victims in Japan. This law has been passed that prevents domestic violence and which gives protection to victims involved.  DV victim can go to the nearest Ward/City Offices located near her residence and consult at the DV Consultation section provided by the Ward/City Offices or go to the Police.  DV does not refer to physical violence alone but also include emotional/mental, economical, sexual, social and other kinds of violence.  In the case of the Foreign Woman who completely depends on her husband to acquire the spousal status of Japanese National, is placed in a weak situation which affects her emotional/mental health.  With this situation, there is a tendency to become a DV victim.  In addition, being a foreigner there is that demand from the husband to adapt to the Japanese Culture, and that refusal to accept wife's Culture, Customs and Tradition and others is prone to happen.  For Foreign Women who want to consult but find it hard to go to Consultation Windows provided by the Ward/City Offices or go to the Police, information regarding Support can be obtained from Consultation over the Phone provided by special NGO's multilingual service.

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