DV Divorce

Q. I am a woman with a _______________ Nationality.  My Japanese husband is violent to me, I'm a DV victim but still confuse as to whether to divorce him or not.  I'm not financially stable, my husband is a Company Employee and receives salary every month.  I have a part time job, have 2 children who are attending Elementary School to raise but my income is not enough to meet the necessary living expenses.  If my husband will take the custody of our children, I'm worried that I will be at a losing end because I am a foreigner.  But if I continue to live with him, he will hurt me again and for the children to witness their father hurting their mother is not good.  What is the best way to proceed with Divorce ?  I don't have enough money, if with the children we will leave the house we have nowhere to go and I cannot consult a lawyer about Divorce.

A. For DV Victims' cases, there is a DV Center - (Spousal Violence Counseling and Support Centers), City/Ward Office Consultation Section where you could consult and ask help.  For DV victims who have experienced severe physical and mental violence and whose lives are risky, there is a so called "Temporary Protection".  In this case, you can leave the house with your children and livelihood support will be extended after.  Since the safety of the DV victims is the priority of this Temporary Protection, it is advisable to enter the Shelter.  For their safety, it is not allowed to go out and to have contact with the outside.  This should be followed and support will continue for the time being that it is still unsafe and for the reason that the assailant may still be looking for the victim.


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