Domestic violence (DV) Consultation in Japan

DV Consultation in Japan

Q  I am a woman with a _____________ nationality.  I got married to my Japanese husband whose age is very much older than mine through the International Marriage Broker/Agency.  My husband is a man of few words, he seldom talk so no  communication at all.  Since I am not yet adjusted to the Japanese lifestyle, there are many things that I don't understand.  Inside the house, my husband is very dominant.  My husband complained about the food I cooked, for him it tasted bad so most of the time ended up being thrown away.  I do not know how to clean, purchase needed food and others, useless, good for nothing, "leave the child and go back to your home country", these he said almost every day.  Sometimes, when I talked to my child he will complained that my Nippongo is funny, poor which caused him to act violently and hurt me.  I have many problems like the Japanese language itself, visa extension and others which a Japanese woman does not have.  I want to make my consultation to those who are familiar with my problems so would you please let me know where I could go and consult.

A  There is a Domestic Violence (DV) Law in Japan which protects victims from their spouses/partners but consultation is mainly done in Japanese language.  According to the statistics of DV victims here in Japan, Foreign Women comprised the small number.  For example, as of 2011 Kanagawa Prefecture had received 5,725 cases of DV Consultations.  782 cases of which were consultations in multilingual.  The purpose of which is to support Foreign Women whose native language is not Japanese.  At present, there are seven kinds of languages we can deal with.  We deal on problems related to visa and other problems peculiar to Foreign DV victims.  This Multilingual Consultation of Kanagawa Prefecture can be used all over Japan.

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