Abuse to Step Child

Q. I have a son by former marriage and I brought him to Japan.  I remarried a Japanese man and a baby was born, so now we are a family of four. I, myself, have lived peacefully with my husband and my baby is loved by my husband. But our problem has begun soon after my son arrived here in Japan. My husband started to beat my son and he did it several times. The reason was that, my son refused to listen to what my husband said.   My son always cried loudly so maybe our neighbor called or his school reported it.  I don't know the exact reason, but the Staff of the Child Consultation Center (jidosodanjo) came to my house and asked many things about my child. I don't have any idea about this Child Consultation Center and what is basically its functions and support they can offer. I am really worried about the situation, what if next time my husband would hurt my son seriously. I cannot concentrate with my work also. 

A. Child Consultation Center (jidosodanjo)  is an Official Institution which receives various consultations from children whose ages are below 18 years old. Specifically, matters that deal on child's health,physical and mental handicaps, delinquency, development, and others.  Consultations on children who are DV victims and Temporary Emergency Protections are also provided for cases when the child faced problems or difficulties due to their parents' disappearance, death, illness, divorce and others. It is the responsibility of this Center to confirm the safety of child within 48 hours after receiving a notice that there is a child abuse. So, when the Staff of the Child Consultation Center came to your house, it was to check and confirm the safety of your son. If you are worried about your husband being violent to your son, please consult the Staff at the Child Consultation Center. This is maybe for the good of your son.

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